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Lack of Results? You Need Leverage!


So what exactly do I mean about Leverage?

Archimedes once said-
“Give me a long enough lever and a fulcrum to place it on,
and I’ll move the world.”
But what did he really mean by ‘lever?’
Well, to my thinking, your lever is your audience.
The bigger the better!
You might be worried that building an audience isn’t a viable strategy for you.
I mean, isn’t the online market overcrowded, isn’t it already saturated?
It’s certainly true that there are a lot of people working in the online space but in no way is it overcrowded.
And remember, there are millions of people coming online for the first time every month.
So, YES… audience building is STILL a viable strategy!
Okay, you say… but HOW?
I’ll give you another quote. This one’s from Steven Covey.
“Begin with the end in mind.”
Now, we already know that blogs, books and courses all make an impact, make a difference and often transform people’s lives.
But in our personal experience, it can often feel like the opposite is true!
We spend ages crafting a blog post and then no-one ever reads them.
No-one notices!
Listen… I’ve been there too and I feel your pain.
And before I go any further, let me just say that of course you CAN sell a ton of stuff without an audience, but it’s a whole lot harder.
But you CAN’T scale up a business without an audience.
Mostly all of the big-time ‘gurus’ have totally massive platforms with an audience of hundreds of thousands.
They have a ton of leverage behind them. So it’s a lot easier!
But they all started somewhere too, just like you and not even that long ago!
It ALL starts with the CONTENT.
Content is the catalyst for your business success.
The explosive growth of an audience is the result of TWO important ingredients coming together.
  1. Viral Content
  2. 1000 True Fans…
So, what’s a ‘true fan’ I hear you ask?
Find out HERE!

Keep Smiling!

Have a great week.

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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