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Are YOU Ready For Take-off Yet?

Ready for take-off


Hi there, how are you doing today?

You may be very new to internet marketing

or you might have been involved for a long time,

with several affiliate or network marketing opportunities,

but with little success so far.

In my humble opinion,

one of the main problems with online business,

especially network and affiliate marketing,

is that it is TOO CHEAP to get started!

Why do I say that?


Surely, it’s a benefit to make entry affordable?

Well, to use an old Scottish saying – “Aye and no…”


You see,

because it’s cheap, new online owners don’t often

value what they’ve got, so consequently they don’t

take it seriously, they don’t put much effort into it and

they quit much sooner saying it doesn’t work.

To my mind, they don’t have enough

skin in the game.’


They will be the first ones who like to tell everyone

else that it’s all one big scam.


Think of it like a plane taxiing down a runway.

At 40% throttle the plane will make a good job of

tearing down the tarmac,

making lots of noise and looking the part.

But will it take off?

Of course not.

At 60% or 70% or even 90% throttle will it take off?


It will only make more noise and head ever faster

towards certain disaster at the end of the runway

which is now approaching fast!

Of course we ALL know that to actually TAKE OFF,

the plane needs to give it 100% to lift it off the runway

and soar up into the sky.




What have YOU been doing with your business?

Have you been doing a great job of taxiing down that runway?



Making a lot of noise about how hard you’re working,

but not really doing anything productive,

the stuff  that’ll bring in revenue?

Don’t you want a successful take-off instead?

Think about this for a while…


Then when you’re ready to FINALLY MAKE YOUR BUSINESS FLY 

I’ll let you in on a secret which will help you take off with ANY

online business you are involved with!

Keep Smiling!

Have a great week.

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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