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7 Reasons You Must Get To Your Next Live Event

7 Reasons You Must Attend Your Next Live Event!



I’m back in (not so sunny) Scotland after a marathon return journey from Arizona and a fabulous 4 days on an intensive mastermind training event (see pic above) and maybe just a little bit of partying too….!

I have sooo much value to pass on to you guys and so make sure you follow me on Facebook and subscribe to my newsletter as you will get real tangible benefits from my content.

Scroll to the bottom if you’re in a hurry to get my Arizona Bonus.

I guess I should start by giving you this;

7 Reasons To Attend A Live Event

  1. You get to meet the TEAM live! 

The people you see on zoom calls or exchange emails with but have never met.

You really cement a bond with people after a 4 day Intensive event! event


  1. You meet the Leaders and Owners.

ALL of them!

If you could have told me I’d be sitting out back watching a sunset with a bunch of 6 and 7 figure online leaders I would have called you crazy.

And when I first thought about going ‘all-in’ with SAN, I was dubious and sceptical like a great many people are. After all, there a hundreds of affiliate marketing platforms out there and so what makes this one so special or different?

Having met the owners and chatted to them about the business and their future plans, I am now fully confident about putting my shoulder to the wheel and becoming a full partner with them.


And now that the incredible Misha Wilson, founder of The Super Affiliate Network, knows who I am and where I live and don’t you think there’s going to be some BIG BENEFITS from having a real relationship with people like that?


  1. Hands on training live instead of only thru videos and webinars. 

You learn so much more when you hear it live and can ask questions.


  1. People UPGRADE at Live Events!

This is a biggie.

I upgraded at Arizona because I saw the VALUE and I TRUST the system at SAN, even more now that I have met the leaders personally.

Some affiliates made a cool $5,500 commission from one person upgrading.

I know this happened more than 30 times in Arizona!

So don’t just get to a live event – bring a bunch of people!!


  1. You get bonuses and special prices for the NEXT event.

I’m going.

And I got my ticket for less.

Whatever the cost – just get there!


  1. Huge Cardboard Checks are handed on on stage.

This is a marketing dream.

Some folks got checks in the hundreds of thousands.

But even a lesser value is so cool.

Imagine yourself standing on stage with a bunch of your team – all with these massive cheques and all the cameras and the cheering!


There’s no better way to get yourself and your team FIRED UP!

7. Breakthroughs Happen at Live Events

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am very fired up about this business.

I had several ‘ah-ha’ moments during the event but probably the biggest one was that there’s no point in just dipping your toe in the water as an affiliate marketer.

When you find a company you can trust and believe in, one that’s going places and growing all the time, then it makes logical sense to position yourself to earn the biggest commissions and be able to offer your customers the entire menu of services.

In online business, you are either ALL-IN or ALL-OUT – there is NO middle ground.



This was yours truly on the main stage-

totally out of my comfort zone!






The next event is in October in LAS VEGAS! 

I’ll be there for sure.

And I have an Arizona Bonus Offer for YOU! 


Join me in SAN at PRO level and commit to coming to Vegas in October and I will give you FREE COACHING until your SALES completely cover your membership investment.



==> Get Started TODAY <==>

Check out my Facebook posts and see me on stage and even partying in my kilt!

Keep Smiling!

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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