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Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing?


Okay guys, this is a big question that I get asked ALL the time!

Especially by people who are just getting started in online business.

So which one is best? 

Affiliate Marketing

Traditionally, this is low ticket items that you promote for variable and often small commissions.

Most people promote a product or service they have tried and liked.

It’s a quick and easy way to start online because;

  • it’s a low cost start model
  • you don’t need your own product
  • you don’t need to be an authority
  • you leverage the brand of whatever you are promoting
  • you can sell anything you like even competing products

One of the other good (and bad) things about Affiliate Marketing is that you only need to focus on getting the sales in.

The problem with this, is that you need to sell a helluva lot of widgets at $7 to make any decent income.

Plus as soon as you make the sale and pocket the commission, you are back out on the street again hustling for your next sale.

The other problem with this model of business is that because it is simple to start and low cost, it attracts people who have little or no idea what they are doing.

When they hear that the only thing they have to do is to drive Traffic, they think it is going to be easy and they’ll get rich overnight.

They have no system and most will fail utterly.

Network Marketing

This used to be a nightmare business model before the Internet.

An endless round of hotel meetings, prospecting everyone within three feet and losing friends by the minute.

Instead of focusing on the sale, you instead look to build teams.

Using the power of duplication and building multiple levels in your team, you could end up with an army of people whose hard work makes you m.oney without you having to do anything.

Do the work once and get paid forever.

Some people have made enormous fortunes with network marketing.

There are many sophisticated and believable platforms out there which aggressively promote network marketing with expensive and plausible advertising campaigns.

Many MLM platforms require you to buy the product every month which can be expensive. People end up with boxes of product in their garage.

Often, MLM’s are very strict about controlling what else you get into.

Just like with affiliate marketing, a great many people join a MLM with little idea of how to make it a success.

Platform failure rates are very high and you could lose a 6 figure business overnight through no fault of your own.

The reality of building multiple levels is that you need to continually replenish your non-productive ‘legs’ and recruit new people all the time.

You CAN be lucky and recruit a superstar and then your business will probably be a great success.

But 97% of network marketers fail and often lose considerable amounts of m.oney.

So, Robin? What’s the answer?


I got your back!

What you need is a combination of the two business models!

Low entry but the ability to promote High Ticket items – as that’s where the PROFIT is!

A business where Training and Education are integral to your success.

A business where you learn to Brand YOU so no-one can take it away.

You get the simplicity of affiliate marketing but you also get a 2 tier commission system with the ability to earn a 5 figure commission from one customer!

You get a proven system with built in coaching from coaches who have ALL made 6 Figures online.

You get Done For You Sales Funnels, Webinar Funnels, autoresponders.

You get Traffic Co-ops that are proven to convert into Sales.

No auto ship.

No rules about other businesses.

A business with MOMENTUM!

So what are you waiting for?

>>>   GET STARTED HERE   <<<

Keep Smiling!

Robin Morton

Your Black Belt Success Coach

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